Nigeria: A Failed Government or Failed Citizenry? by Abbakar D. Yusuf

Nigeria: A Failed Government or Failed Citizenry? by Abbakar D. Yusuf
January 30 14:31 2019

Failing or failed, it will take almost forever to tag the Country either to the former or latter with the benefit of the doubt on whether it is worst or still is worse. A turning point is now what it sought because the country has gone off it’s trajectory for long heading into a sinister arc near bane. It needs resurrection by not only one person but a collective approach to thwart it out of dissidents. What is happening to the Country is giving it a lot aches not just headache. The current administration has suffered more injury than most, claims are it is self-inflictive since a pain to the citizen is as well a pain to the the Nation. The security of lives and property is now not at all a guarantee.

Mostly, politics is used as a device for operating the system of designing a government for overseeing the affairs of a country and the government which is used as an annex of the media used in shaping the powers of a country. It form laws, lays objectives, empower it’s people and give them proper means of sustenance in equal opportunities on the least. On the most, it safeguards the well-being of all by securing lives and properties, it alsoensures justice and capitalizes rights of individuals, serves the right to all on education. There are turbulences whenever the system of leading the affairs of the country or rather the government is sick. Curbing that to minimal is as difficult as is hard because whenever there’s a failure in any of the designated objectives, it is the failure of the government to follow the architecture of it’s purpose.

The administrations of Nigerian system of government in a way have been an example of an erratic lead, mostly next being harder than previous making the last one seem as not terrible as thought.

The menaces gnawing on the Country’s rope are insecurity-bound. Fighting insurgency has been the lead aim of this administration and as well the previous where both have had their try of a levelled best to put it out to total extinguishing but it keeps being conflagrating like a wildfire. Too many strategies have been adopted to fight the Boko Haram insurgency ravaging the North-eastern part of the country but in contrast to the anticipated total wipe-out, it keeps changing dimension straight for a decade. Much has been expected to be done by the current administration as it took to board the better cognizance of security of lives and property.

Changing military heads to effectively determine the factor of resilience, much money is put in to find a better work tool, collaborative effort of joint task forces, but it’s seeming a difficult thing to do than it is said. Only recently, the Boko Haram took over a Local Government few kilometres North of the state capital, almost not long than later, towards the East also was Auno town raided few, kilometres to the state capital. This thus will raise the question of how many sect do the BHT have that they will be pinching the State by it’s sides. The insecurity overwhelming the state of the Country is much. Zamfara State is suffering in the hands of bandits, they kill if not kidnap people and demand huge ransoms. Katsina State too is on it, including Sokoto, Kaduna and Abuja. It’s becoming increasingly worrisome that it keeps escalating that it almost is the frequent breaking news heard seeking for help or prayers, almost on the daily.

On the Education sector is the nationwide strike embarked by ASUU in demand of the requisition slated for the union which keeps dilly-dallying as it seem there hasn’t been agreement yet all through the meetings between the Federal Government versus ASUU. It owes a non-expiring demands almost all the times that one can’t tell who’s at the right spot for the qualms and also not know the true intention of whether it’s for selfish interest or the benefit of the all.

The National Labour Congress (NLC) is at war with the Federal Government on increment of Minimum wage on a difference of about only ₦12,000. This too is yet to have knot-free end of the loop.

So many things are not alright with the state of the country. As election is few days away. Let all bear in mind that it is the only time we all have to decide the fate of the country. It isn’t just about what will happen in four or eight years, many of the executions by an interim government hinges us completely and consequentially affect us forever, it requires the fine-tuning now. If it so happens that who will be coming to seat is somebody new, he/she should bear in mind that what he is to do for the common good of all should not be below those mentioned targets above. And if it’s same person coming in again, he/she should know it’s another chance to do better than it was. We should strive for a better country by giving the bridle to someone based on what he can do not what he is or made up of. And the citizens should give their quota where it’s deemed necessary. The Joy’s of such adventure are not observed by being idle but by being involved on the transition to the particular destination.