Education panacea for early marriages in Africa – Aisha Buhari

Education panacea for early marriages in Africa – Aisha Buhari
November 08 00:06 2018

By Ahmed Idris

Wife of the President Mrs Aisha Muhammadu Buhari said on Wednesday that education remains a solution to the problem of early marriages in Africa.

Mrs Buhari said this while receiving female delegates of the Africa Parliamentary Union at the State House in Abuja.

Represented by wife of the Vice President, Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo, the wife of the President said girls need a healthy and safe transition to adulthood as well as certain level of maturity and understanding in order to make an informed decision on the choice of a life partner.

“Through my Future Assured Programme, I have witnessed firsthand what interrupted childhood could do to the self-esteem of young girls, in some instances, thwarting promising careers,” she said.

Mrs Buhari also spoke on other challenges of marital relationships like complications of childbirth such as VVF, interruption of academic pursuit and curtailment of economic opportunities, and called on the parliamentarians to use their position to articulate measures that would address the issue within cultural sensitivities of our different communities.

She also called on the parliamentarians to consider what form of support and empowerment could be given to girls that are already in early marriages.

“Their dreams do not have to end because of the circumstances they have found themselves in.” she said.

In her remarks, leader of the delegation and Senate President of Zimbabwe, Mabel Chinomona, said women face numerous challenges like lack of political representation, violence, intimidation, early child marriages, and lack of equal opportunities in critical areas.

“Against this background, women parliamentarians must unite and support each other in coming up with strategies and policies that address challenges faced by women together in order to make a difference as we drive for equal opportunities for all.

“For us parliamentarians, we have critical role to play as we legislate and provide oversight on government activities, in doing so, we appreciate support from our mothers the First Ladies for their activities that seek to empower women,” she said.

The delegates are in Abuja for the 41st Conference and 73rd Executive Committee Session of Africa Parliamentary Union.