We will provide 24-hour electricity for Nigerians, says SNC presidential aspirant

We will provide 24-hour electricity for Nigerians, says SNC presidential aspirant
September 05 00:02 2018

By Nasir Kura

A Presidential aspirant on the platform of the Save Nigeria Congress (SNC), Ayo Da-Silva, has vowed to achieve 24-hour power supply for the country within two and half years of his tenure, if voted into office in 2019.

Da-Silva told journalists in a media briefing on Tuesday that energy and power supply is number one in his 14-point agenda for the country.

Da-Silva said he had done an extensive research on how the epileptic power situation in the country can be solved once and for all having visited almost five countries across different continents to understudy their power challenges and how they overcame them.

The US-based health administrator said his party was out to liberate Nigerians from the crutches of grinding poverty through people-friendly programs and policies.

Other items in the 14-point agenda includes employment and job security for all; national security of lives and property; agriculture; world class healthcare system; social welfare system; education and reduction of illiteracy; infrastructure; and investment economy.

He also listed some of his plans for the country to include housing for all through mortgage financing system, nationwide industrialization project; youth and women empowerment; foreign policy and diaspora involvement; media, tourism, culture and development of the entertainment industry.

Da-Silva said his party had all it takes to dislodge the big parties in the country and ensure that Nigerians get a new lease of life under the SNC.

He called on the media to help educate the voting public on the evil of vote-buying and selling and how it has robbed them of quality education and prosperity.