NANTS protests closure of 400 Nigerian-shops in Ghana

NANTS protests closure of 400 Nigerian-shops in Ghana
September 24 22:38 2018

The National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTS) have petitioned President Muhammadu Buhari and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) over the alleged consistent and repeated threats, intimidation and harassment as well as the closure of over 400 businesses owned by Nigerians in Ghana.

In a peaceful protest march to the ECOWAS secretariat, the placard-wielding traders with inscriptions“ “Ghana re-open Nigerian shops now”, “Say no to discrimination, xenophobic attacks in Ghana”, “The situation in Ghana is totally unacceptable”, “ECOWAS, Ghana wants AFCTA secretariat but clamps on African traders”, “Sponsored attacks of Nigerians in Kumasi must stop”, urged Commission to intervene to stop the alleged victimisation of Nigerians doing business in Ghana.

The traders gave the ECOWAS Commission a one-week ultimatum to intervene in the matter, warning that the association would occupy the Commission’s premises again if the situation in Ghana is not addressed.

NANTS President, Ken Ukaoha, said the development had reached a point where the Ghanaian authority had passed a law that will make it impossible for foreigners to do business in Ghana.

“Since 2007 Nigerians living and doing business in Ghana, have been persistently, continuously molested, many of them intimidated, harassed, their businesses liquidated, shops closed down.

“As we speak now over 400 shops belonging to Nigerians are under lock and key by the Ghanian authority.

“The Ghanian government came up with a law that said if you are a foreigner in Ghana unless you have $1 million (365 million naira) as minimum foreign investment capital, you cannot do business in Ghana.

“What we have come to do is to register our displeasure and if within 7-days we don’t find a favorable response, actions, we would mobilise 5 million traders to come and occupy here”, Ukaoha said.

The traders, therefore, demand the immediate reopening of over 400 Nigerians-owned shops in Ghana as well as the immediate return of all seized goods from Nigerian traders and shops.

ECOWAS Vice President, Finds Koroma, who addressed the traders on the behalf of the ECOWAS President, Jean-Claude Brou, promised the traders that the petition will be transmitted immediately to President Brau, who is currenly in New York, where Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari and President of Ghana, Akufo Addons as well as the Foreign Ministers of both countries are attending the United Nations General Assembly.

At the Ghana Embassy, the traders where received by Eric Duodu on the behalf of the Ambassador who was away to Lagos.