Atiku weeps as young supporters buy PDP forms for him

Atiku weeps as young supporters buy PDP forms for him
September 01 12:09 2018

By Nasir Kura

A Presidential hopeful, Atiku Abubakar, could not fight back tears on Friday when support groups presented him with the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Nomination and Expression of Interest forms.

Support groups of the former vice president raised money among themselves, purchased and presented the nomination and expression of interest forms to Atiku at the his campaign office in Abuja, urging him to contest for the ticket of the PDP in the 2019 election.

The support groups which had earlier stormed Wadata Plaza to purchase the forms said that they resolved to tax themselves to raise the funds for the PDP forms as expression of their commitment to support Atiku in his 2019 presidential bid.

Leaders of the groups challenged Atiku to lead the charge for the rescue of the nation and after winning the election, dedicate his term to the service of all Nigerians.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the group leaders extolled the democratic credentials and virtues of the former vice president while reaffirming their belief that Atiku has the experience and the capacity to steer the ship of the country into a brighter future from 2019.

Adekemi-Adesanya Eboda, national president and global coordinator for Women and Youth Support for Atiku (WAYS), in her remarks said that Nigerians particularly women are looking up to Atiku to end the reign of APC maladministration.

In a tearful voice, she said: “I speak the voice of millions of mothers in Nigeria who bear the brunt of the gale of job losses in the country and I speak on behalf of women of this country urging you to rescue Nigeria from this current bad situation. And to show you that we are solidly behind you, we have chosen to purchase your nomination form and expression of interest form from the PDP to contest for president in 2019 and we shall give you all of our support.”

A leader of another group, Edwin Adai, presented the forms to Atiku on behalf of all the groups.

In his response, Atiku who was emotional during the remarks by Princess Eboda, said this was the first time in his political career that his supporters would show him such love to the extent of purchasing a nomination forms for him.

“I have been in politics for the past three decades and in those three decades I have only been on the ballot for the presidential election only once and that was in 2007.

“But not once in those three decades have I received this much love from the people as you have done today by choosing to purchase nomination forms on my behalf.

“By this action, there is a pact between you and me that we are going to do this work together. Just as you gathered here together, we shall enter the race for the PDP nomination together and together also into the general election and by the grace of God and through your hard work, I believe that we are going to win together,” he said.

Atiku also challenged the supporters to follow him back to the PDP headquarters for the submission of the forms, saying if they overwhelm the PDP Secretariat and lock down Abuja on that day, PDP leaders would not have a choice than to give him the PDP ticket.