Nigeria: The friction and fraction of its love in diversity by Abbakar Danladi

Nigeria: The friction and fraction of its love in diversity by Abbakar Danladi
July 18 08:38 2018

It is to this urge I want to recapitulate something itchy about the interaction between the citizens of my dear country Nigeria especially on the marginalized said North and South on both social platforms and non-social platforms. I was compelled to reinstate this seeing a post by a handle I was following on twitter by the name Ruqayya, I have conceived this a bunch on different series that the Northern part of the country have been fed the ideal talks that the Southerners have strong hatred towards the North based on their ethnic, religion, tribal or other social differences. It has it that least a Northerner gets from a Southerner is a rude approach, belittlement or even name-callings. This perception is ethically based on bandwagon of fed ideas. But not all can recruit to be all, rather few or some. If it is to the taste of the story, it could be, but not genuine.

Also, the Southerners too are fed with ideas that the North too have same grudges and vitriolism towards their fellows, that in the sense they (the Northerners) make it difficult for their (the Southerners) fellow difficult to live and dwell upon the Northern axis based on the cultivated hatred, difference and bigotry. It is just same sin but from opposite sides. This is readily noticeable from all dimensions. But what is especially worrisome is that it is at a growing heist under the adage of one Nigeria.

I want to use this to portray to the mature mind that wants to reason with us in coming to understand that most of what is said about each other is a mere heresay to create division amongst us by those looking onto our downfall, the country’s downfall. However, raging hatred is substituted by the existence of the country’s peace. If I am to center my discussion towards what I know, it is that we from the North as a bold heading love you all from the South. We have astounding belief we cannot do without you, not because of what we gain from your lands’ wealth but because the true existence of mankind deserves equity, and by that I mean two sides in aide of one another.

When all we could see is you, you become all we could have, none do we have to call our fellow countrymen other than you. You are a part of the parcel, we have seen your sweats dripped on the soils, we have seen your scorched skins reflect the sun’s ray, we have seen the muscles from your biceps lumped for a positive push, we have seen your efforts in moulding the country from a flimsy living place to a nation called the Africa’s giant, and yet what a great fool will we be if we don’t count your value, respect your cultural norms, listen to your whispers, give you the stand of not a minority but the respect for the lineage descent from the major founding fathers of the nation, and as our other coin side, no coin has a one-sided face. You are just the other side, such same with complete size and dimension as the other. We are peaceful, we believe in true egality, we believe in the stands of justice where injustice is practiced no matter the personae, we believe in unity and faith, peace and progress.

But yet I tell you, there is the minute sum of those who where from birth have whispers then waxed into their ears that you are like a catastrophe to the nation, now their mistake is not believing in that, but not been able to free themselves from the mental shackles and see for themselves the good in you. What still drowns them into such fanaty is the portrays of rivalry and enmity from the few in many of you casted upon those from them. It is that little bad that spoils the whole good. I call you to wake and shake, prove them a nay-say that such is just a hearsay. We both in civility and humility know your moral upbringing isn’t distasteful and there is nothing wrong about being a Southerner.

And to say again from my side, what we both see or believe is a smokescreen to create a wide margin. Our peaceful coexistence has been infiltrated and it is to us a debt to regain our lost glory. The on-going crisis is literally of political, religious or ethnic manifestations that the puppets wants only but power in division. However, the prima facie is the apparent rigorous dislike we fetch from the South, they have strong dislike towards us, than the North towards South. I know my tone could pitch up here but to back this up is the witnessed accusation towards the President of the country Muhammadu Buhari that he is Islamizing the country, the good in him isn’t made conspicuous but a far unfair claim was digged out of him just because he is a Northerner and a Muslim, this then became the genesis of the revival of the lurking monsters that started to haunt the soul of the country, the likes of Biafra that vigorously want to break loose of the part of the whole, then came the ethno-religious fight of the Herdsmen in Benue. It is a shameful thing to witness, it is heinous, condemnable and a deep inflict on us too, this is not of us rather a stage play using the name of Herdsmen. No one knows how it came about in precision but we all know it’s difficult to put out a fire that started as a flame which could have been rekindled but left carelessly. It Isn’t a North recompense, it just not our sabotage.

It is nature of human kind to retaliate, so the South people took vengeance mobbing on any Northerner dwelling in the South. To point the true spirit of liberalism,the North didn’t wake up their demon but surged and submerged their retribution and started a demonstration in attires of the Southerners saying they are their brothers and so it was swallowed, now imagine the destruction if they also took to the anticipated retaliation. It would have only delve into just the fraction that could shoulder the pain witnessed similarly from that of the civil war. This is the friction brought upon the nation by the antagonistic slide of the two sides of the nation that is seemingly hard to lubricate. It is the the changed face of love in diversity. We love them as fellows and they too, but what do we still see shadowing their figure is the tiny few that make the thunderous gestures in articulating our weak points, naturally the brilliant sits and observes before taking actions, but while this takes time, the ignorant flamboyantly have little to think over so it take him no time to repulse a response. This is in no way threat but a sought for peace and love.

A Northerner on a social platform doesn’t even gains an interactive subjection from our fellows, even if he does, it is the provocative confrontation that label him with ineptitude as dumb, because all Northerners are dumb, that is what they think, but we are not all same, we have in us the bad omen that you the same have in you. We are looked upon as the the highest symbol of illiteracy when it comes to description, we are looked upon with characterised street begging, we are looked upon with a lackey form of living by a non-self dependency. We are looked upon by having nothing but an empty good looking bag. But we are not all of these, those are just the results of misunderstanding caused by not sparing a time for understanding from both parties. We could all of us be better than this when we discard our bigotry only by believing we are the same and even. If it is the Muslims in us you hate, then know that no Muslim is a true Muslim until he loves all as his brothers, it is a fundamental act of belief in Islam to believe in all prophets including Jesus Christ. But while still that, Christains don’t believe in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), no Muslim is allowed in Islam to hold it against them. So purely, it is love with or without differentials. We don’t hate no one from you and please hate no one from us, if it is the issue of political monopoly, it is still not an all-north of a thing, the President is what we have as a better option, we won’t hate whoever you have better than the existing one if he truly is commendable and worthy of presiding over the country’s matter. Hate him not because he is a Muslim or Northerner but hate him when there are more than ostensible reasons to hate. We are all the citizens that if it is a whip we suffer from our leaders’ rods, we suffer as a whole, then let it be if we are to make a change for good, we make it as a whole. Where there is no concord from both parties in decision, the calamity coming from the Elephants fight is for the grass and only the grass to suffer.

This is the Northern voice speaking in it’s realistic form, the intonation in the words could be high but it is words of vindiction. The realists amongst us could understand but I know others could fetch opposite. From our side we want nothing but a fluid condusive living atmosphere over us to answer the name Nigeria, it is the Compatriots Call. I pray this will untie the intertwined misunderstanding from us to you and you to us, and also unveils the blondfold on anybody’s eyes it reaches and see the raw truth. May we come to hinge the success between the Nigeria of a dream to Nigeria of reality.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!