Blame Game! by Abbakar Danladi

Blame Game! by Abbakar Danladi
July 18 14:46 2018

Okay, why is it coming now again, after it had happened and all have gutted the pain and leave the scars to heal, now again it’s re-awakened. It’s becoming increasingly worrisome that lives don’t much so much matter whether lost or not these days. A trash and life has no odd differences. Man be killing a man, slicing a head like a melon,who taught us all these? A toddler chopped and the tummy ripped opened? How did we forget remorse and pity? Our ears hear what is a bitter lie, not even sweet, our hearts beat for it, our feet shakes in eagerness to go for it. What have we become of ourselves? What price are we paid? What wealth do we amass? What joy do we derive? Are we still this primitive?

Oh dear Plateau! you are a state of serenity, peace and love that charms and catches sight. Walk a plain and look wide out the landscape and see what you miss, you tear the peace down in rebellion that wants to make treaty with you.

What you are killing is not ordinary cows, what you kill is not Fulani’s, what you kill is not Muslim’s, what you Kill is not who are not part of you that is not you, you kill but yourselves! You point an Cutlass to kill a fellow on it’s end but you forgot death too knows the cutlass has two ends and is just deciding which to start just with.

I believe this blame game is so lame that killings has become more common that it has gained disregard from all. Those in Maiduguri have seen worse death torment and a seaful blood spilled that when Boko Haram attacks outskirts it doesn’t tickles remorse, those in Borno State have seen the devil and his pawn bare faced in broad day light that when he lay feet in Plateau, it doesn’t make them feel the human in them, those in North have witnessed sadistic and heinous massacre that when Benue Killings transpired it was all just nothing because it’s only WORSE and North have seen WORST. Okay, Nigeria facing annihilation now that next-door country could say, “it is not us why worry?. Syria and the likes of Rohingya facing worst of it’s time, why ‘sister’ countries need condemn such? Third world counties face such disasters, natural and artificial why First world bat an eyelid? When a school kid goes on rampage and does “school shooting” whole world goes uproar! This is the circle we go on, do you now see no body cared about what you do to yourself?

And the worst here is when such happens, we have very participatory leaders that take part in “condemning” the act and” “advicing” action be taken against such. It worries much more that it is always condemnation, it comes after an act, why not preventive and protective measures be laid to flare out instances of heightened tensions? Why tell the government what it should do “against what has happened” and not tell it what to do “for what will/may happen” ?

Human lives are just a trash now, nobody cares anymore, whether ruin or build, it is no one’s call. When one is tired of living, so many exit doors are available but should not call company.

For Plateau, it has happened and you are in our hearts with love and unforgettables, and between our lips and palms for prayers.

Let’s not see all death as common and feel it is nothing, until it involve one of ours then we are hurt. It pained me that I saw two gentlemen with family and kids with new start and bright future walk through hell in Plateau, it pained me that I saw toddlers and nursing kids slained, chopped off and battered in Plateau. It pained that I saw women and children been slaughtered, it pained me that I know no one was spared in Plateau.

Until we make the correction, we shouldn’t blame, for blames are like worries, they take us nowhere but the same spot more than twice with different times and hatred for a non-achievable success. We blame government for not securing, government blames politicians, politicians blame clerics, clerics blame others’ fanatics, fanatics blame differences, differences blame individuality… do we see where it is leading us? It is a total wipe-out!
I call for immediate measures to fluid such tension and as well proactive measures, I call for peace to reign, thus on it we forget bygones, I call for understanding, thus we forget about differences. Let’s stand for peace, let’s stand for love!

I stand with Plateau!!