World’s oldest man dies at 113

World’s oldest man dies at 113
February 04 15:08 2018

The world oldest man Francisco Nunez Olivera has passed on.

He died at his home in Bienvenida, north of Seville in Spain, a month after celebrating his 113th birthday.

According to reports, he died with the affection of his family and with the admiration of all his countrymen”.

Born in December 1904, Olivera had been the oldest man alive on the day of his death. There is however an older woman, Nabi Tajima, who is 117 year old, according to Gerontology Research Group.

No cause of death was given for Olivera as his daughter Antonia said “when he turned 113, he was in ‘good health’ and did not have any aches or pains or illness”.

Mayor Antonio Carmona of Bienvenida went on to add that: “He was not only a living example of quality of live in the municipality but also of the pollution- free skies and country side and stress -free work of the traditional life”.

He further added that Olivera’s passing is “a pity for the entire village and the world”.

Olivera was survived by four children, nine grandchildren and fifteen great-grand children.