Buhari’s return: Kogi work-free day is a good idea in every way other than jealousy

Buhari’s return: Kogi work-free day is a good idea in every way other than jealousy
August 21 11:03 2017

By Abubakar Usman

They say Kogi is wasting its productive hours by declaring a work-free day as a mark of respect for the return of Mr President. The problem with capitalist is, instead of them to go and extremely minimise cost and maximise profits of their own companies, they would want to impose the extreme thoughts on the management of the public sector i.e. states.

There is a marked difference between public sector and private sector. Their management differs just like their objectives. It is evil to try to force the system of managing individuals greed on collective welfarism which public sector represents. Like a square peg on a round peg.

As a matter of objective, whilst companies round up accounts to see profits shoot as far as they can push it, states look for the amount of public good they delivered as far as they can. It pays the managers of states (governors) politically to deliver public good as far as possible.

Yesterday’s return of President Buhari was no doubt an ugly day for his enemies, Nigeria’s enemies. They have killed him thrice but he will just not die. The adverse impact of the return on then could equal that of his win two years ago.

Some of the critics of Kogi state are not necessarily the capitalist of real thoughts and philosophy, they may not even know economics or its bearing. They are mere emergency economist scooping in the gutters for anyhow points to indirectly express there displeasure with the return of Buhari who was supposed to die by every expectation they had.

They must settle the scores of 2015 defeat or it is a way for them to regain power as it appears.

Remember, whenBuhari left for treatment, they complained even though sickness is not a choice. They condemned him for being sick though he has transmitted powers as required by our laws. He should have resigned. They even told us how he must return in 90 days or be declared permanently incapacitated citing our constitution which never provided for that. The declaration would help them come on board. Sadness was when the the gamut of our legislative houses told them what the law provided for. Then, abuse of freedom came when they used their constitutionally guaranteed right to expression to protest ‘resume or resigh’ thinking that he was too sick and cannot resume as Sahara Reporters assured them in its series of lies in media spin (reports). Then all of a sudden, Buhari returns, a shocking surprise. Their abrupt reaction was, their protest has forced him to return. Well let’s say it did but they should be gratified for the gains. How can an enemy ever be happy and content with good happening to his foe? No way!

The issue is now, why are people expressing happiness over the return. Why must ‘APC’ be happy? Why would Kogi state declare a work free day for its people who are happy about the return? Extraordinary enmity and cantankerous behaviour. Kogi governor has every right to be happy for the return of his benefactor who is known to be good and popular as well.

Why should we expect less from people who supported Jonathan all through? People who stole Nigeria dry without the least shame or hindrance? People who say stealing is okay and not corruption and even propounded the yam and goat theory to support looting?

Scooping for points to rubbish this August return went from, ‘would his return put food on the table?’ to the tantrums been thrown at Kogi government for declaring a work free day as a mark of respect for the president. Almost all these bigmouths are not even of Kogi state.

One funny criticism of Kogi state governor (whom I am definitely not a fan of) is that, the work free day is a waste of Kogi’s productive time. This may be mistaken as a sort of sense by people who confuse public and private sectors. For emphasis sake, Public and private sectors are never the same and not meant to be the same in both theory, practice, objective, management and what have you.

Even in extreme capitalist setups, private and public sectors are not the same. Talks to make them appear the same are marshalled by some greedy politicians and their cronies when they want to steal what belongs to the Commonwealth for themselves.

They shout inefiency, ineffectiveness and corruption to mislead the people to support their own enslavement. They also say, government has no role doing business. The same idea was used to sway public opinion as they almost stole NLNG, NNPC etc from us by demanding the sale of national assets recently.

NEPA has been sold and we all can see what is happening with electricity. No more talk about inefficiency and corruption that have worsened by day.

These hawkish capitalist cannot start up a real company from scratch themselves and see it succeed, they wait to takeover fully developed thriving public enterprises by selling it to themselves at shocking giveaway prices hiding behind problems they created and which an be solved .

No wonder all such acquired companies still fail to thrive their hands.

Countries and governments have always declared pubic holidays the world over due to one event or the other depending on how important it is to the people. It is very normal. It is a matter of public good.

Let us hear word jare!