Again, Ian Wright blasts Wenger, Arsenal board

Again, Ian Wright blasts Wenger, Arsenal board
March 31 16:18 2017

Gunners’ icon, Ian Wright, has launched another attack on his former manager, Arsene  Wenger, and the Arsenal board.

Wright said Wenger’s indecision over his future and the board’s silence symbolize the lack of leadership that is making the club retrogress.

Wright thinks the whole episode sums up the atmosphere and mentality at the club right now and something has to be done about it.

He told The Sun: “This is typical of the lack of leadership and direction at Arsenal.

“No one is making any decisions. Who’s running the club? Arsene is, obviously.

“He’s in the position where he can just do what he wants. He should be forced to say what he’s going to do.

Somebody upstairs should be telling him, ‘Either you’re staying or you’re going. You must make an announcement’.

“Arsenal and the fans need stability over what is going to happen with the club’s future.

“The people above Arsene, if there is anyone, need to sort everything out.“

This wouldn’t happen at any other club — but it is at Arsenal because the board are so happy and so relaxed.

“They’re fat cats, business people. The club’s just a massive cash cow to those people.

“All they’re doing is ignoring the way fans feel,” Wright said.