Devoted owner gave his dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to save her after heart attack

Devoted owner gave his dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to save her after heart attack
February 06 03:48 2017

A devoted dog owner gave his greyhound “Princess” mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when she suffered a heart attack .

Princess was turning blue and minutes from death when owner Trevor Jackson stepped.

He flagged down a car and gave her the kiss-of-life in the back as they raced to a vets.Luckily for Princess, it is the second time owner Trevor has saved her life because seven years ago he took the rescue dog in just hours before a vet was due to put her down.

The recent drama began during a daily walk when Princess suddenly collapsed on January 26.Trevor, aged 57, from Hull, who works for Coral bookmakers , said: “It was about 4.30pm and I took Princess for a walk.

“We’d walked roughly about ten or 15 minutes from home.

“She suddenly stopped and started to try and vomit and it was really violent.

“I saw she was in a distress, her mouth started to foam. I put my fingers down her throat and I could feel her airways were tightened.

“She started to go weak and tip over but I had my arms round her so didn’t let her fall. I picked her up and started to make my way home. She passed out and I thought I was going to lose her.

“I kept saying: ‘Come on Princess, Stay with us.’ As I crossed the road I managed to do a little wave and immediately a gold car pulled across with two girls in.

“One jumped out and opened the car for me. While I was back in the car I could see she was turning blue.

“ I opened her mouth and basically stuck my head in her mouth and started blowing air in. It’s amazing you can get your head right in there.

“She’d gone really floppy and it kept her conscious I think. It was about five or ten minutes when we got to the vets.”

At the vets Trevor was rushed straight through and a vet took over, giving her oxygen and fluids.

Dejected Trevor thought he’d lost Princess: “I’ve lost dogs before and I thought ‘That’s it! She’s not going to come round’.”

But that evening Princess, who is nervous of vets, was allowed home with Trevor to recover with medication to keep a heart murmur under control.

“When we went back to vets, he was surprised to see how she’d recovered,” Trevor said.

He was told his pet had been minutes from death.

Describing how he adopted former track dog Princess, seven years ago, he explained: “She was four years old and going to be put to sleep when I took her home.

“She was re-homed but they brought her back to the vets because she was disruptive at home.

“It was Sunday afternoon and the nurse said ‘I’m putting her to sleep in the morning’ I said ‘don’t do that.’

“I’ve saved her life twice, in a way.

“She’s not at all disruptive in the home. She’s really affectionate and follows me around..”

But he admits she is spoilt thought: “She has three beds in the lounge and just lies on her back and waves her paw at me when she wants something.”

Now Trevor wants to find the two girls who helped save his dog to thank them.

He said: “It is lovely they stopped straight away like that and now Princess is back to her normal self thanks to them.”

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