10 top benefits of Hibiscus leaves

10 top benefits of Hibiscus leaves
February 11 11:43 2017
  1. Treating tuberculosis and lung disease

The first benefits is being able to help treat tuberculosis. TB or tuberculosis is a disease that causes symptoms of persistent cough and can interfere with the respiratory health of the patient, which are causing the patient died. By processing the leaves of hibiscus, then TB experienced by the patient will recover. Here is a hibiscus leaf processing steps for treating tuberculosis:

Take a handful of leaves of hibiscus

Hibiscus leaves boiled with water until boiling with three cups of water

Wait until the water is boiling the remaining ¾ cup

Drinking hibiscus leaf decoction regularly and also regularly to help cure the symptoms of TB

  1. Treating the disease cough

Besides tuberculosis, hibiscus leaves also have excellent benefits to help heal and treat the disease cough. For those of you who experience pain symptoms of cough, then try processing steps below hibiscus leaves to cure your cough:

Take 10-15 leaves of hibiscus, wash

Boil hibiscus leaves 3 cups water

Wait until the water boils and the remaining ¾ cup only

Drink regularly and also regularly to cure your cough

  1. Treating the tonsils to swell

The tonsils are one of the glands located around the area of the throat. When the tonsils swell, then that will be felt is the pain and soreness in the throat and difficult to swallow food. To help the healing process of the tonsils, it can take advantage of hibiscus leaves. The trick was also very easy. That should do is just boiling the leaves of hibiscus as a prescription to treat cough, drink boiled water on a regular basis to help the healing and treatment of disease swelling of your tonsils.

  1. Curing colitis

Inflammatory bowel disease is a condition in which the bowel an injury or infection causing inflammation which can interfere with digestion, and often causes sores in the stomach. to treat inflammation of the intestines and also overcome this, you can also take advantage of the properties of hibiscus leaves. Thirsty you do is eat the buds of leaves of hibiscus. You can eat the leaves of hibiscus as fresh vegetables to help heal and also tackle intestinal inflammation.

  1. Overcoming bloody bowel movements

Bloody bowel movements is also one of the effects of the emergence of IBD, but can also be caused by other possibilities. To help overcome this bloody bowel movements, you can also use hibiscus leaves. The trick is that you only need to squeeze 7 leaves hibiscus with water and brown sugar. You just drank hibiscus leaf juice with brown sugar on a regular basis and also regularly to help overcome the bloody bowel movements that you experienced.

  1. Treating vomiting blood

In addition to bowel bleeding, the benefits of hibiscus leaves is also very good for the health of others that may be used to treat vomiting blood. To treat vomiting blood, also can do the same thing as when dealing with bloody bowel movements, ie by mixing 7 hibiscus leaves that had been cut with water, and then squeezed. After that you can drink the juice results from the hibiscus leaves.

  1. Can stop bleeding

Hibiscus leaves are also believed to be able to help stop the bleeding, either in the body or outside the body. for bleeding in the body, you can create a solution and hibiscus leaves boiled water, and then you drink. For wounds and bleeding outside the body, you can chop the leaves of hibiscus, and then paste the result of shredded leaves of hibiscus on the outer skin of your body that are injured.

  1. Treating hair loss

You have a problem with hair loss? Try to use a concoction created using hibiscus leaves. Here are the steps to use hibiscus leaves for hair loss drugs:

Download and washing approximately 30 leaves of hibiscus and leaf cottonwoods

Milled both types of leaves until smooth, then add the benefits of castor oil and lime juice

After stirring evenly, you can squeeze out of these ingredients by using a piece of cloth, and then rub the juice into the klit your head regularly.

  1. Nourish hair

Hibiscus leaf also has other benefits that is to nourish your hair. In addition, hibiscus leaves can also help to nourish and also helps maintain healthy hair, such as strengthening the hair roots and prevents hair loss.

  1. Treating ulcers

Other benefits of hibiscus leaf as a drug for humans is ulcers. Yes, you can also treat ulcers by harnessing hibiscus leaves. Here are the steps to treat ulcers by using hibiscus leaves:

Take 5 to 10 leaves of hibiscus, then wash them clean

Chopped or minced leaves of hibiscus until smooth

Then paste the hibiscus leaves that have been chopped and smoothed on the skin disorders ulcers.

That’s the benefit of hibiscus leaves for our health. I hope the article about the benefits of hibiscus leaves can add your insight and can also be useful for you all.


Source:dagari health care