Pastor caught having affair with married woman leader

Pastor caught having affair with married woman leader
January 16 11:50 2017

The Head Pastor of Miracle House of God Ministry, Emokpae Great, has been accused of having an affair with the woman leader of the church.

The woman’s husband, Anthony Ehikioya, who exposed the alleged affair, said he suspected his wife was cheating and decided to ask their children and neighours  to watch her closely.

Ehikioya told journalists that that he started suspecting his wife of infidelity when she refused to have sex with him for many months.

According to him, his children placed her phone on call-and-record. Her alleged affairs were exposed after she received a call from somebody and the children played back the recording.

From the recording, the husband alleged that the pastor, who is now on the run, was heard telling his wife how good she was in bed and that she should come for sex.

Pastor Great was said to have run away after angry youths stormed his church on Sunday, destroying church’s property.

The youths stormed the church and broke into it, destroying everything in sight.

The youths allegedly discovered charms, female panties, photographs of clients and other fetish items.

Residents in the area said policemen from the Saint Saviour Police Division arrested the church’s assistant pastor and took the charms and fetish items found inside the church away.

Pastor Great’s father, Robinson, however defended his son, saying the whole thing was a set-up.

He accused his son’s accusers of planting charms in the church to frame him up, adding that he didnt believe Pastor Great could sleep with another man’s wife.