How political aides are working against Governor Yahaya Bello’s interest

How political aides are working against Governor  Yahaya Bello’s interest
December 20 14:40 2016

By Solomon Odiniya Jasper  

Most political appointees working directly with Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state are bent on making more enemies for the young entrepreneur turned politician through very unruly and sycophantic conducts. I doubt if they have the best of intentions for Yahaya Bello and his administration. With such characters as friends you don’t have to look too far for enemies.

For a government that spent a better part of its first year in office parrying political punches from the opposition, it really doesn’t deserve any form of distraction from any quarter.

Surprisingly, his lieutenants who should ordinarily be working towards ensuring that he remains focused and resolute to deliver on his electoral promises are busy insulting people on the social media for daring to ask harmless questions about some of their entitlements as citizens.

Truth be told, Governor Yahaya Bello, in his bid to ensure fairness in terms of political representation in his cabinet has surrounded himself with characters who have separate agendas to pursue. Yahaya Bello has no reason whatsoever to fail the good people of Kogi state especially the youths who in the face of clear rejection by the elites group openly queued behind him.

The youths have invested so much confidence and trust in his ability to put the state on the path of development. Regrettably, the careless activities of some of his close aides paint a gory picture of a governor who has been hijacked by individuals in pursuit of narrow interests or considerations.

Governor Yahaya Bello’s Chief of Staff, Mr Edward Onoja, a man notorious for bank fraud leads the cabal that has almost pocketed Governor Bello. Mr Onoja, an Igala man from Kogi East is seriously feathering his political nest with a grand plan to challenge the current governor come 2019. This information may sound or appear outlandish, but those who are familiar with Onoja’s unenviable records during his banking days can attest to the fact that Edward Onoja is a man that cannot be trusted with power and money.

The earlier Governor Bello begins to come to terms with the fact that the man Edward Onoja has a grand plan to send him to political oblivion come 2019, the better for him. Onoja has succeeded in building a huge and unbreakable wall around Governor Bello. He has practically pocketed the governor. Kogi East, the area with the largest voting population in the whole of the state is within the grips of Edward Onoja. Edward’s popularity within the region is unparalleled. Governor Bello is unknowingly equipping a man who has the plans of governing Kogi state come 2019.

It is rather sad that the Ebira-speaking people of Kogi state, a tribe that has suffered years of marginalisation in the state, have kept sealed lips as a desperate politician called Edward Onoja is employing ALL means to deny them the opportunity of enjoying  dividends of democracy. The good people of Kogi state must rise in defence of Yahaya Bello. Edward Onoja is petty, vindictive, diabolical, fraudulent and corrupt. He is yet to tell us how he squandered part of the bailout funds that was kept in his custody.

The government of Yahaya Bello has become the butt of all jokes courtesy of the unimpressive activities of Edward Onoja and his cohorts. He leads a team of cyberrats, internet millipedes and social media attack dogs that are constantly on the lookout for perceived opponents with dissenting views to attack. Edward Onoja has brought shame to the exalted office of the Chief of Staff.
Governor Bello has surrounded himself with bunch of incompetent, corrupt, lazy and greedy human beings that are only concerned about what they can milk from the system.

Kingsley Fanwo, the Director General Media and Publicity, is another funny character who shouldn’t be anywhere close to the Lugard House. He has reduced himself to the position of an errand boy to Rasheeda Yahaya Bello, Wife of Governor Bello.

His wishy-washy, pedestrian, unintelligent and hollow press statements have continued to embarrass Governor Bello. His press releases are devoid of depth to the extent that newsmen and editors struggle hard to make sense out of. Instead of concentrating on the job he is paid to do, he engages in frivolities and pettiness like recruiting young men and women to drum support for the governor’s wife on the social media.

Another empty barrel that keeps making the loudest noise within the Lugard House is the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Petra Akinti Onyegbule. Petra, a known social media bully and opportunist is a clear example of putting square pegs in round holes. She knows little or nothing about media business or strategy. How did she find her way into Yahaya Bello’s government?

Generally speaking, Governor Yahaya Bello needs to immediately rejig his inner cabinet. I don’t see him succeeding with the crop of characters that currently constitute members of his kitchen cabinet. There is basically no strategic thinking in the workings of these guys. No synergy. All of them are working at cross purposes. Their pettiness is legendary.

Governor Bello should know that the buck stops on his desk.

It is high time he took charge of governance in the state. Sir, see this is an unsolicited counsel from a Kogite who is interested in your success as the governor of Kogi state. Remain blessed.

Jasper is a Lokoja-based development worker.