Clinton leads Trump by 14 points in latest poll

Clinton leads Trump by 14 points in latest poll
October 27 07:41 2016

Hillary Clinton is on the cusp of a commanding presidential election victory over Donald Trump if the latest poll – 51-37 in the Democrat’s favour – is to be believed.

The Associated Press-GfK poll gives the Democrat her largest lead yet with just 12 days until the election.

The poll showed Mrs Clinton has the support of 90 per cent of likely Democrat voters, and also has the backing of 15 per cent of more moderate Republicans. Just 79 per cent of all Republicans surveyed said they were voting for their party’s nominee.

With voting already underway in 37 states, and Mrs Clinton leading in many of the key swing states, Mr Trump’s opportunities to overtake his rival are quickly evaporating. However, a Fox News poll gave Mrs Clinton just a three-point lead, at 44-41.

Republican Party leaders that disowned Mr Trump have begun preparing to oppose a Clinton administration, which some state could mark a return to the partisan battles of the 1990s.

“It’s a target-rich environment,” Jason Chaffetz, a Republican congressman from Utah, told the Washington Post. “Even before we get to Day One, we’ve got two years’ worth of material already lined up. She has four years of history at the State Department, and it ain’t good.”

If Republicans retain control of the House it would mean that Mrs Clinton would become the first incoming president since George H.W. Bush to face an opposition in control of the House Oversight Committee.

Mr Trump again lashed out yesterday at senior Republicans who have refused to support him.

“The people are very angry with the leadership of this party, because this is an election that we will win, 100 per cent, if we had support from the top,” he said.

Mrs Clinton said she intended to reach out to Republican leaders in Congress next month but sidestepped a question of whether she plans to meet one-on-one with Mr Trump after the November election.

She said she would do “everything I can to reach out to people who didn’t vote for me”.

At the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner in New York last week, Mrs Clinton reportedly said to MrTrump: “Donald, whatever happens, we need to work together afterwards.”

Her campaign announced yesterday she would be spending election night in New York with an event at the Javits Center – possibly chosen because the conference venue has a glass ceiling.

Mrs Clinton was also boosted yesterday by the Muslim-American father who lost his son in Iraq and was attacked by Mr Trump over the summer.

Khizr Khan said the Republican was unfit to lead the country’s armed forces and claimed the “future of the earth” was at stake on November 8.

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