Trump failed first foreign test in Mexico – Clinton

Trump failed first foreign test in Mexico – Clinton
September 01 10:43 2016

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday night dismissed Donald
Trump’s day trip to Mexico, arguing the Republican nominee 
is woefully lacking in diplomatic skills and “just failed his
 first foreign test.”
The former secretary of state pounced on conflicting
 messages from Trump and Mexican President Enrique Peña
 Nieto following their meeting.

Trump told the press in
 Mexico City that while he and Peña Nieto discussed plans to 
build a wall along the US-Mexico border, they did not talk 
about Trump’s pledge to make Mexico pay for it.

Peña Nieto did not refute Trump’s comment during their
 press conference, but he tweeted hours after that he told 
Trump that Mexico “will not pay for the wall.”
”Trump just failed his first foreign test. Diplomacy isn’t as
easy as it looks,” Clinton tweeted, signed with an “H”  to 
indicate she personally blessed the message.

A campaign tweet a short time later followed up: “We are
not going to criminalize, profile, round up, and deport 16
 million people.”
And John Podesta, her campaign chairman, said in a
statement: “It turns out Trump didn’t just choke, he got beaten
 in the room and lied about it.”
The Clinton campaign also released a web video on
 Wednesday that accused Trump of lying about his trip to
 Mexico and sarcastically called him the “Great Negotiator. “
The Clinton campaign’s tough language about Trump came 
after the former secretary of state on Wednesday urge d
veterans at an American Legion conference to reject the
mogul’s view of the world, arguing he doesn’t have what it
 takes to build and maintain alliances.

Though Clinton was more subtle in her attacks on Trump in
 front of the audience of veterans, she did blast the 
businessman-turned-politician for what she said were his
 insults toward the military, attacking the family of a soldier
 killed in action and being too cozy with Russian President
 Vladimir Putin.

Building alliances and trust with other nations, Clinton said,
 takes “more than a photo op, it takes consistency and 
”You don’t build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting 
like a loose cannon. You do it by putting in the slow, hard
work of building relationships. Getting countries working 
together was my job every day as secretary of state,”
Clinton said. “It’s just like building personal relationships –
people have got to know they can count on you — that you
 won’t say one thing one day and something totally different
 the next.”

Clinton then added that building those relationships
” certainly takes more than making up for a year of insults by
 dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and flying
 home again.”
The former secretary of state pledged on Wednesday that,
 as president, she would “never, ever disrespect Gold Star
 families who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation
or prisoners of war who endured so much in our name.”
Trump blasted the Khan family after they spoke at the
Democratic National Convention this summer.

Khizr Khan, a
Pakistani-American lawyer and the father of the late
 Humayun Khan, powerfully hit Trump during his speech and 
Trump responded by questioning his family’s motives.
 Earlier in the campaign, Trump also downplayed the 
heroism of Arizona Sen. John McCain, a POW, citing his
 capture during the Vietnam War.
 “To insult them is just so wrong,” Clinton said.  “And it says
 a lot about the person doing the insulting.”
Clinton continued her outreach to Republican voters as well
 Wednesday, pledging before a some what muted crowd to
”be a president for Democrats, Republicans, independents,
 for people who vote for me, for people who don’t, for all

Trump’s campaign responded to the speech by saying that
 Clinton has proven that she is “fundamentally unequipped to 
further the national security interests of the United States
 and stand up for our veterans.”
”Those who have served and wear the uniform today 
deserve to have a commander in chief who is looking out for
them rather than donors and corrupt bureaucrats,” said Matt
 Miller, director of Veterans for Trump. “Only Donald Trump
 and Mike Pence have a detailed plan to fundamentally 
improve both the (Department of Veterans Affairs) and the
 way veterans are treated in this country.”