This is the last hardship Nigerians will face – Oyegun

This is the last hardship Nigerians will face – Oyegun
August 14 05:42 2016

The National Chairman of the All Progressives
Congress (APC), Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, has said
President Muhammadu Buhari is determined to
bequeath a Nigeria that can provide plentiful
opportunities to its people
Odigie-Oyegun said this at the weekend in Abuja on the
occasion of the 77th birthday party organised in honour
by the APC’s workers.

The chairman appealed to Nigerians to support the
efforts of the administration in building a solid
foundation for a better tomorrow for all Nigerian
According to him, this is the last economic hardship
Nigerians will go through after the right structure
anchored on sound economic policies is put in place.

“God in his wisdom has provided APC to the nation at
this crucial time and in his wisdom gave us a man of
strong will, iron determination, courage in the person of
President Muhammadu Buhari.
“ God gave us a president who is ready to take
challenge, who has determined that this is the last
economic hardship this nation will ever go through.

“He has decided that we will never ever again depend
upon a single crop, so he is laying a very solid
foundation for the take off of this nation such that all
resources that God has endowed this nation with
whether it is anything.
“The Nigeria of tomorrow will be a Nigeria that
produces, that can give employment to its youth, will be
a nation that can provide opportunities for its

“That is the Nigeria that President Muhammadu Buhari
is building and my appeal is that we should all see
ourselves as participants in this struggle, that we have
sacrifices we have to make to ensure we get there,” he
Going down memory lane, Odigie-Oyegun said the
party at the beginning worked under very challenging
condition to reach where it is today,
He pledged readiness of the party to make life better for
all the staff that weathered the storm with it .

“I remember when we were just a few staff, when this
baby needed rehabilitation, when we had no chairs,
when members of the National Working Committee
were making sacrifices to prepare for the election that
has now become history in the country.
“We have set up a committee to look into the working
conditions of the staff of the national secretariat
headed by the deputy national chairman south who has
completed his assignment and we will have reasons to
smile in the few months ahead.

He said they knew things were bad with the economy
 but did not know the extent to which they were bad.
 Speaking with newsmen afterward, the chairman
responding to questions about his youthful look said
life was a “lucky dip” and he got lucky.

“Most importantly, I don’t do anything that will worry
me or that will lead to threats. I have no political
enemies. I believe that there is room for everybody, no
particular individual is in your way.
“My mother used to say don’t do anything that you
want to see in the front page of the Daily Times, when
it existed.

Lead a simple life, try to succeed by trying to
be the best, not by pulling anyone down.”
He said his sojourn into politics was by accident and he
had no regrets whatsoever and he would strive to make
his mark.
“No regrets joining politics whatsoever. It has been an
era of service to the nation. I will do everything I can to
influence events so that when time comes I will be on
my deathbed with a smile on my face that this great
coalition called the APC removed an incumbent
government and finally we are now on the road and
now addressing those issues that held this nation