Stop blame game, face reality, Sultan tells Nigerian leaders

Stop blame game, face reality, Sultan tells Nigerian leaders
August 14 05:44 2016

Sultan of Sokoto and the President
General of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic
Affairs (NSCIA), Alhaji Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar, has advised the political class to put heads together and find solutions to the present economic challenges facing the country rather than trading blames.

The monarch called on leaders to put aside their political affiliations and unite to solve the country’s problems.

Sultan Abubakar also urged political leaders in Edo
state to avoid violence in the forthcoming governorship 

The monarch who  paid a courtesy visit on Governor
Adams Oshiomhole in Benin City, informed the
governor that he was in the state for the annual
meeting of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic

“Nigeria though is experiencing difficulties
but we are much much better than so many other
countries. It is only what you read in the papers that
disturbs you, but most industrialized countries are
worst than Nigeria but you hardly hear them. We have
our own problems let’s put hands together irrespective
of religion. Let us salvage our economy, make the
country work, let people feel free to walk at 2am.

“That is the country we crave for and we must all work
for that to happen. We cannot sit down and think things
will work out for us, no. I heard the governor
(Oshiomhole) speaking on governors who are not
paying salaries. And this is one of the things increasing
criminal activities. Workers are not paid and they have
families and when you are hungry you will be angry.

“So we know problems in the country so as leaders
let’s put hands together and see how we can resolve
them. Nobody should blame anybody, let’s stop the
blame game and face reality. Let us come together
irrespective of party affiliation and move this country

While commending Oshiomhole for the developmental
strides in the state, he said “We are very proud of your
achievements in the last eight years. We have so many
contenders but only one will occupy this seat. Only God
will bring your replacement. Carry your campaigns in
peace and harmony. Issue related campaigns, convince
people to vote for you don’t confuse them. We pray
God to bring a leader who will work more than you.

“We have seen tremendous changes from the Edo we
use to know and we believe that such changes can
only come from people who are committed to making
the lives of people better, God Almighty will always
uplift such leader. We urge you to continue to work for
the state and Nigeria as a whole.

“We want to call on all politicians in Edo state as you
are preparing for elections in September, to put the
interest of Edo state first and the common man who
lives in the state because without the people there will
be no leader. And throughout your campaigns and the
swearing in you will still need people, so please you
people should put the interest of Edo state first.
“There should be no violence of any kind and when
elections will hold let it be free and fair. And whoever
the Almighty picks as successor to the comrade
governor should be supported by everybody”.

Responding, Governor Oshiomhole who expressed his
gratitude to the Sultan for his numerous counsels to
Nigerian leaders noted that “ part of the problems we
face in Nigeria today, is discrimination. Every God
fearing person will not resort to violence if he is
conscience of the fact that every violence may lead to
the death of somebody.

“The crisis arising from unfair distribution of wealth
between nations and within nations substantially
explains some of the dis-functional responses by
aggrieved citizens. It does not matter how they chose
to describe their primary motive. The truth is if the
world is much better place, people will opt to live well
rather than to kill another as a means of expressing
their frustration”.

Oshiomhole further hinted that the state government
would recruit Islamic teachers in the state primaries
schools, saying that “it is important because it is at
that stage we learn the teachings of the Almighty God
and morals. I believe we must all relate properly in this
country, forget our religious background and cooperate
for the growth of the nation”.