False alarm, not blasphemy, caused Zamfara killings – Governor Yari

False alarm, not blasphemy, caused Zamfara killings – Governor Yari
August 24 21:31 2016

By Abdulrahman Abdulraheem


Contrary to the reported cause of the recent  killing of eight persons in  Zamfara, the state governor, Abdulaziz Yari has disclosed that there was no case of blasphemy in the town where the incident happened.

According to earlier reports on Monday, eight persons had been killed in Talata Mafara, which incidentally is the governor’s hometown after a man rescued a student who was about to be killed by a mob for allegedly abusing the noble Prophet Muhammed (SAW).

The governor who spoke to State House correspondents after meeting President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday, said what he gathered from intelligence sources was that some students were fighting and the one on the losing side decided to shout that the other one abused Prophet Muhammed (SAW) to attract attention of a mob and save himself.

“What happened is unnecessary and it’s act of the devil. From the intelligence I heard from the security agencies, there was a fight between two students and one of them injured the other  and started shouting that he  abused Prophet Muhammad and other students came and beat the other  boy who is Yoruba and from Kogi State, some people are saying he is a Muslim and some say the boy is a Christian.

They beat the student until he collapsed and thought he was dead. Then security personnel  requested help from one shop owner who then took the boy to the hospital in his car.

The students heard that the boy was still alive and is in the hospital, so they went to the hospital, however ,the boy was rescued by the Army in the hospital,” the governor sad.

According to him, the irate students did not relent as they went after the man who rescued the boy, burnt his shop, house and killed eight members of his household.

He added that contrary to earlier reports, the pepple killed in the violence were actually muslims.

The governor continued: “Then the students went back to the polytechnic and burnt  the shop of the person who gave his car to rescue the boy and they came back to town again and you know the police in the division  do not have enough men to contain the riot and before re-inforcement came in, the crowd threw tyre in the man’s house and burned the house down. That was how everybody in the house was killed and everybody killed in the house were Muslims contrary to the rumours going around in the social media that Christians are being killed in Zamfara.”

“In fact,  the mob wanted to go and burn churches and attack non Muslims but the security forces stopped them,” he added.

Governor said that though no arrest had been made at the time he left the state, he was confident that the culprits would be arrested and prosecuted.

“The government will not take this lightly, people cant be taking laws into their hands, if you say the punishment of who abused Prophet should be killed and you now kill innocent people and by the way there is a government in place, there are laws and they are courts where Islamic laws are practised in Zamfara, so why should someone take laws into his hands? So definitely all the culprits will be brought to book,” he added.