Buhari, Soyinka meet in Aso Rock

Buhari, Soyinka meet in Aso Rock
August 11 16:00 2016

By Abdulrahman Abdulraheem

Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka met with President Muhammadu Buhari behind closed-door at the Presidential Villa on Thursday.

Soyinka was visiting the State House for the first time since President Buhari resumed office.

He enterred the President’s office around 12pm and came out not long after.

When he emerged from the meeting, Soyinka declined to disclose the purpose of his visit to State House correspondents.

“I didn’t come here to see you people. I came to discuss one or two things, I came to talk about a few things, national and international matters, general matters that’s all”

I will be holding a press conference in about a week, you can ask me any question you like there,for now I would just like to get away”, he said.