Apologise to Nigerians for 16-year rot, Oyegun tells PDP

Apologise to Nigerians for 16-year rot, Oyegun tells PDP
August 23 06:21 2016

Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, John Oyegun has called on leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party to apologise to Nigerians for the corruption and mass poverty the party promoted while in power.

Oyegun, in a statement signed by his spokesman, Segun Dipe said rather than blaming the present administration which is striving to return the country to her glory days, for the present economic woes, the opposition party should apologise and stop seeing itself as the alternative to the APC.

“The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) should come clean and tender an unreserved apology to Nigerians for their disastrous 16-year rule that has left the people pauperised and traumatised.

“Due to PDP’s perfidy, our country’s resources were stolen and opportunities frittered away. But instead of being contrite, the PDP is arrogantly putting itself up as the alternative to a government that is barely one year in office and has inherited a totally ruined economy. This is brazenly irresponsible, ” the statement said.

” Just as well that the PDP has not even been able to reposition itself to provide robust opposition to the APC-led Federal Government, adding that PDP’s lack of patriotism, recklessness and outright wickedness towards the ordinary Nigerians have finally caught up ‎with the disgraced former ruling party.

“What the nation can now testify to is that the only thing that united the PDP was their singular commitment to milking the resources of this nation dry, as evident in all the corruption cases that have now been exposed.

“The PDP cannot therefore expect to move on without first taking responsibility for their shameful conduct and ignominious behaviour. The starting point in their long journey to rehabilitation is to apologise to Nigerians

“It is immoral, insensitive, unconscionable and unacceptable for the PDP to hire spin doctors to reel out some figures of GDP growth in their time that never impacted positively on the Nigerian people. Our advice to the party chieftains is that the time is now for them to look Nigerians in the eye and say, ‘we are sorry’,” the statement read.

‎According to the statement,  “the arduous work of rebuilding our nation, recalibrating our value systems and creating a wide gulf between the sense of right and wrong must continue to be prioritised, as this administration is doing, and Nigerians must, as they did at the polls, unanimously condemn and reject PDP’s past, and it’s continuing desire to completely and finally destroy the fabric of our society and our shared humanity.”