APC govs won’t intervene in budget padding scandal – Abubakar

APC govs won’t intervene in budget padding scandal – Abubakar
August 02 09:03 2016

Bauchi state governor, Mohammed Abubakar  has said
governors of the All Progressives Congress, APC, would not delve into issues
regarding the current budget-padding scandal in the House of Representatives.

This is despite the outcome of a recent meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari where the governors pledged to wade into the National Assembly crises.

Abubakar stated
this during a chat with journalists in Abuja.

Though Speaker Dogara is from Bauchi State, the
governor said the issue in the House was a criminal
matter and should be so treated, explaining that the
APC governors, who had since dissolved into several
committees, would only make interventions on issues
that were political.

“I assure you that we are not going to delve into cases
that are before the courts or tribunal. We are not going
to delve into the current issue of the moment. We are
only going to touch on the political issues pertaining to
the National Assembly. What is before the court, those
of us who are lawyers, know that it is subjudice and the
current issue is just coming up and it is not politics. As
far as I am concerned, if any proof is found to any of
the allegations, these are criminal offences.

So, there is
no way any committee of governors can delve into that,
I assure you,” he stated.

Abubakar, however, conceded that it had not been easy
for the APC to shed the toga of its long years as
opposition, saying the plethora of crises in the party
was only a reflection of that. He said the party was still
learning the ropes of governance but that efforts were
underway to resolve the crisis.

The governor also stated that even in the Bauchi state
chapter of the party, there is a problem between party
and her representatives at the federal level.

He said; “The APC is a party that has come to power
recently and it has come to power from an opposition
political party and I must confess that we are
experiencing teething problems in the APC and being in
government is a new phenomenon. I cannot say that
things are going on smoothly and that is why we (APC
governors) paid a visit to Mr President and discuss the
need for governors to be called upon to delve into the
problems in the party with a view to reinvigorating it so
that it can keep performing as the party of the
government in power.

So, we are trying to address this issue and Mr
President has graciously allowed us and we have
formed committees in the APC Governors’ Forum to
address this issue and others bedevilling the ruling

“At the state level, there are problems particularly with
our representatives at the centre and what I always say
is, the most beautiful form of government is
constitutional democracy especially where the
constitution is written as we have in Nigeria.

The beauty is that the functions and powers of every
level of government has been stipulated in the
constitution. So, if we are going to abide by the
functions and powers allocated to us in the
constitution, there would not be any area of friction but
because the APC is new to governance, we are having
what I earlier called teething problems but we are
addressing all of them even the problem in Bauchi
state which made headlines are not insurmountable
and even as I speak, there are moves to address these
problems in the APC in Bauchi State