Mixed reactions trail Funke Akindele’s `Jennifer’s Diary’

Mixed reactions trail Funke Akindele’s `Jennifer’s Diary’
July 12 20:45 2016

Viewers of `Jennifer’s Diary’, a popular
television series by Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele
in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have expressed
mixed reactions over the programme.

Some of them, who spoke on Tuesday, said the
programme was entertaining and brought creativity into
the industry, while others condemned her use of
Mrs Chidimma Okolo, an Abuja-based fashion designer,
said the programme was creative and Akindele had
brought her brand to bear in the television series.

“Jennifer’s Diary is creative and she brought her own
kind of acting into the show which is different from the
routine Nollywood acting we know.
“It is entertaining and it is a comedy which is as good
as paying N5, 000 for comedy shows.
“It is a reality show that is shot in modern settings.
“It can also be recommended for children, because it
doesn’t have any adult scene,” she said.
According to her, characters in the series are not really
popular artists and each of them brought their kind of
flare into the television show.

Okolo, however, lamented that the time allocated for
the show was not adequate for viewers, adding that
adverts were taking more of the time.
She noted that in spite of Akindele’s use of “corrupt
English’’, the programme was still entertaining.
She added that the entertainment industry needed to
produce movies and series as `Jennifer’s Diary’.
Another viewer of the programme, Miss Ifeyinwa
 Ohanwe, a public servant described the programme as
“I enjoy watching the programme, because it is
hilarious, entertaining and keeps you wanting to see
“When you are unhappy and you watch the
programme, it has a way of making you feel relieved.
“In the diary, she virtually has a response to everything
in a hilarious manner.

Ohanwe, however, noted that she would not
recommend the programme for children, adding that if
they watched it overtime, it may corrupt their use of
Mr Kelvin Michael, an up-coming comedian, said the
programme was funny and Akindele had introduced a
trend of English used by some young ones.
“Funke with her programme has introduced this kind
of English used among young people which is normally
said in a funny way.
“The way and manner the language is used will even
attract your attention and can make you laugh.

“For me, I watch it to improve my skills in comedy;
although her series is not the only comedy I watch,”
Michael said.
Mrs Grace Obi, a Human Resource Officer, said the
programme was not creative and does not have any
value to add to someone who was focused.
Obi said; “the series is more of a local television
programme that cannot impact the life of any serious
minded individual.”
Miss Janet Osodipe, an up-coming makeup artist said 
she watched the programme to divert her attention
from life challenges.
Osodipe noted that she would recommend the
programme for young people that want to build a
career in comedy.
NAN reports that the television series debuted on some
stations across the country on April 2015, and currently
had six seasons with several episodes.
The series had featured Tiwa Savage, Folarin Falana, (the son of famous lawyer and activist,   Femi Falana,
popularly known as Falz) Ali Nuhu, and Alex Ekubo
among other artists.