This change is good

This change is good
June 15 06:02 2016

By A. U Akpa

Change is the only constant thing in life. Sometimes things change  for good and some other time the reverse becomes the case.

In the world today, many leaders believe though erroneously, that rule of law is all about obeying court orders. They pay little or no attention to their constitutional duties and obligations.

In Nigeria, unlike other developed countries where people ask their leaders question on their constitutional responsibilities, we only react when there is increase in pump price of petrol.  Oh yes! Only then that you hear wonderful speeches; you hear people wanting to pull the heavens down; others will say they want to “occupy Nigeria”

Meanwhile, if the question is whether a leader in carrying out his or her duties, complied with the necessary constitutional provisions, no one “occupies” even a village not to talk of Nigeria.

It is only in Nigeria that a governor will travel out of the country and hand over the affairs of the state to the SSG. Some will hand over to their chief of staff and even the most arrogant ones will tell members of his cabinet “Just wait I will soon be back”. A situation we have seen create unnecessary tension in the state when things go wrong. The case of the formal Taraba State Governor is still fresh in our memory.

In the federal level, we know how the past presidents constantly relegated the office of the vice president to the back ground. They go on vacations, medical checkups etc, without transmitting any notice of absence to the national assembly. Even the vice would be at a loss as to whether the president travelled abroad or to his village.

We cannot forget in a hurry, the case of late President Yaradua. A case that created the most ridiculous legal quagmire in the history of our country, just because our leaders felt that section 145 of 1999 constitution (as amended) should not have existed.

Here we are today, in the era of change; and we dare say “This change is good”. Our president had ear infection. He allowed the vice president to pilot the affairs of the nation on his behalf. He informed Nigerians where he was going, why he was going and in fact how long he would stay. He was so open and honest that he even told us the particular hospital he went for treatment.

Our dear president, You are indeed a father. You did not want to keep your children guessing. We shall keep our knees bent in prayers for you until you come back.

You will come back healthier than ever, to continue the good work that God assigned to you. One thing we know is that by the time you finish your plan for our country Nigeria, people will surely shout in jubilation “This change is good!”

We in Save Nigeria Buhari Ambassadors joyfully shout Long live Mr. President Mohammadu Buhari Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Akpa is the Publicity Secretary of Save Nigeria Buhari Ambassadors.