Baker sacked over ‘insensitive and sexual bread innuendo’

Baker sacked over ‘insensitive and sexual bread innuendo’
June 20 17:15 2016

A young German baker-Finn Kraus has been sacked from Germany’s oldest Nun institute-Heiling Mary Institute for what authorities call “insensitive and sexual bread innuendo,” the BBC reports.

Finn Kraus who is not a catholic himself got the job as a baker just last month—and authorities believe, he only came to work there to upset the holy nuns, many of whom have never seen the genitalia of a man before, let alone come close to it.

Over the weekend, the supervising priest of the training institute was shocked when the usual fine and calm breakfast session of the nuns turned into confusion and chaos, with almost all of them pushing for a single bread—the dickly shaped bread that laid on top the bread basket.

With shouts like; “Ich nahm es zuerst” which in English means “I picked it first’ constantly being repeated, the supervising priest-Albert Schmidt came out of his room to see the nuns at each others throats—and it took a loud bell, to disperse the small crowd.

After finding out that the sinful bread was the cause of the chaos—the baker was instantly fired, for whetting the innocent sexual appetite of the holy nuns.