Nigeria may need to release captured terrorists for Chibok girls’ release – Shehu Sani

Nigeria may need to release captured terrorists for Chibok girls’ release – Shehu Sani
April 19 20:47 2016

By Ahmed Idris

[F]amous activist, Senator Shehu Sani
has suggested that Nigeria may have to pay
a “very high price” to secure the release of missing
Chibok school girls, by releasing some captured Boko Haram
Sani, made the suggestion while fielding questions from
newsmen in Kaduna after donating assorted materials,
equipment and machines to Hospitals, Schools, Women
and Youths Centres valued at N42 million to the seven
Local Government Areas in his constituency. “It is very unfortunate that we could not get
this out on time.

They have spent two years in captivity
now. The good thing now is that the government of
Muhammadu Buhari has degraded the capacity of the
insurgents to hold unto any territory or to carry out
their usual big scales attacks. But we may have to pay
a very high price to get these girls out now. It is
possible to free them.
”The best way to get them out is that we need to set up
a special committee which has its mandates and

It shall be tasked with the mandate to
do everything possible including persuading and
negotiating with Boko Haram with terms on how to get
these girls out.
“There is the need to set up another committee to
ensure that both sides abide by the rules set up for the
negotiation. This committee should include
international bodies like the United Nations.

I think we
may need to pay the highest price to get these girls out
even if it means freeing some of their members in
detention. I don’t like this academic argument of
saying, ‘if this happens, then that thing will happen.’
“I believe that why these girls have to continue to stay
in the hands of these captives is simply because of
class difference.”
This is the truth of the hostage situation in Nigeria.
When the children of the high and mighty are abducted,
or their wives and brothers are kidnapped it takes no
time to secure their freedom,” Sani said.