FG blames social media for worsening herdsmen/ farmers clash

FG blames social media for worsening herdsmen/ farmers clash
April 14 23:26 2016

The Federal Government has
blamed social media for
the worsening spate of killings between herdsmen and farmers across the country.
The Interior Minister,
Abdulrahman Dambazau, said the
crises between herdsmen and
farmers in Nigeria constitute a
threat to the peaceful co-existence
of the country.
Speaking during an inaugural
meeting for stakeholders on the
conflict in Abuja, Dambazau
said the effects of the conflicts
have been loss of lives, dislocation
of people and communities, as
well as the destruction of socio-
economic activity.
He blamed social media for the
way the crisis is viewed by
“The rise of the social media has
given scope to the non-traditional
media outlets which has seen
interest groups frame stories
surrounding the conflict in ways
that tend to undermine the
cooperate existence of Nigeria,”
he said.

Dambazau said the meeting,
which hopes to bring together
ethnic, religious, geopolitical, civil
societies and other concerned
parties, will after its inauguration
on Thursday serve as a basis for
deciding on the membership of
subsequent stakeholders meeting
on the conflict.
“Although the problem is
currently within the Niger-Benue
river basin regions of the country,
it has a wider geographical
implication affecting the West and
even Central Africa.
“While the ongoing conflict and present
meeting is centered on Nigeria’s internal
security, I believe it might be necessary to also
consider the larger West and Central Africa
region in arriving at an understanding of the
Niger-Benue basin as an arena of conflict
because of its rich pasture and water
resources where pastoralists converge
seasonally to graze their cattle”.

“It is duly recognised that the conflict spawns
beyond the immediate Niger-Benue river
through to even south-eastern and western
Nigeria, where similar conflicts; even with
violent tendencies, are being recorded
regularly”,  Dambazau said.
He said the stakeholders meeting is aimed at
assessing the “Pastoralist/sedentary farmers
conflict in Nigeria,” a plan by the Federal
Government to put together the results of
various investigations and documentation
about herdsmen/farmers clash in Nigeria, in a
bid find a lasting solution to the problem.

“There have been a number of committees
and think-thank type investigations into the
conflict in the past; and it is the intention of
the Ministry of Interior to gather these
together and note which have been
implemented, highlighting the effects and
failures of each, in order to arrive at narrative
and doctrinal certainties,”  Dambazau
He added that deliberate effort will be made
to avoid religious or partisan agenda; and
previous legislations on the matter will also be
assessed for necessary interventions.
“This will in turn inform the design of a
definite policy intervention, which will see
multi-level convergent action that will in turn
lead to an abatement of the conflict”,
Dambazau said.